Wednesday, March 6, 2013


In an age where different generations have completely different music, movies, clothing, culture, etc, we are hurting. Each generation is in a sense wanting to cut itself out of the rock. And people keep making the same mistakes over and over. That's where I see mentorship really solving many of those problems. All people need good input in their lives. I have seen too many people, myself included, wander after the fools. Whether it be ungodly peers, television shows, games, movies, reddit, forums, music, etc, there are plenty of fools we can wander after. But young people especially need good input and wise men/women in their lives. If you're going to avoid the pitfalls of life, whether it be failing in your job, failing at staying pure, falling into drugs, etc, you're going to need good mentors in your life. You may need a business mentor, a spiritual advisor, or a combination. Timothy needed Paul in his life. Would Timothy have been where he was at such a young age without Paul's mentorship? Unlikely. 

Go find a mentor. It's not hard. You just have to be committed to being willing to learn and invest in the relationship. If you've spent most of your life being told what to do by your parents or teachers you're going to need to get a little initiative in life. You have to be the one pursuing the mentors. There are many lazy people in the world, and a mentor doesn't want to waste their time. So you need to be serious about it. Set up breakfast meetings, take notes, and act on what they say. Don't waste their time, because in so doing you will waste your time.