Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dripping Faucet of the Internet

What is this dripping faucet of the internet?

Women who are treating the internet as they do their home.

Yep, that's about it. These women who at one time influenced their three lady friends and the dude who married them have been released into the wilds of the worldwide web. These women have blogs, comment on other blogs, treat their FB friends to their lives, and make me want to go to their house and cut their internet line so they can go back to driving their husband insane instead of the rest of the world.

In a sense, the internet is like a house. And these women roam around it and drive everyone around them, except for the other psychos, insane. It would be better to live in the wilderness, than with these crazy ladies.

Women who are quarrelsome, nagging, and angry are not beautiful. Even though their profile picture may be, avoid them with a ten foot pole.

Which is hard to do on the internet.

And don't let me forget guys. Guys are a little different, they tend to not be as emotional. They're just always angry. Or rude. Here's how you can differentiate a guy and a girl on the internet, if you're not sure.

"@$*(%&@($*%&@#(*&@#(*&$@#($*&" - Guy

"You are an idiot, because etc. etc. etc." - girl

"Your grammar is terrible, therefore I win" - Everybody

;-P Yay for over generalizing. XD