Monday, March 29, 2010

Hold Fast

We live in a very sexualized world. Many popular videos from the video site "Youtube" involve sexual jokes and making light of things like pornography and committing fornication. As a Christian, and young man in particular this can be very tempting. It can be so easy to sin, it can just involve typing 10 lettters into your address bar. As well as the hundreds of other sins we fall into every day.

But, this life will not be long. 80 years compared to infinity = no comparison. You're going to die and go to live in eternity. So, stand fast and spread the gospel to those around you. The world is not our friend. I'm sorry to tell you this. But, their goal is to drag us to hell with them. No matter how you dice it, the world is not appreciative of the Word of God. If you want, you can naively say the world is good, but that's not how it works in the real world. If you want to live in fantasy land today then do so. But, God required of us to go out and disciple the nations, so go out and disciple them. It's very easy for people to not witness their faith to others. Why is this? Specifically for you.

Thought of the day: I find it interesting how easily people can compromise for things like money. There's an entire eternity to look forward to, then all of a sudden someone offers you 400k to star in some wicked film and you're more then happy to sell out for that. Or, a political office, or a raise for their job, or not losing their job and deciding to skip the worship of God instead of giving up the job to worship God. I know it's never clear cut black and white like that, but I see everything in black and white so that's how it is. o.0 ;-)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Easy Road

Why do we desire to have an easy life at times? It would be so nice to lay on the couch all day with not one worry in our minds.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

However, to live an easy life would much too boring. It's interesting how after a hard day of work you feel so much more satisfied then if you were to spend your whole day laying around.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finances and Stress

It seems that most fights between husbands and wives are about finances that you hear in peoples ordinary conversations. It's interesting to hear people argue about finances. Money is a funny thing and both a blessing and a curse. It's sad how many people have made it their god and use it to divide their households. Sure, it's not good when a couple isn't on the same page regarding their finances. But, when your voices become raised and tempers are heated it seems it's gone from the stage of discussing to angry fighting. I wonder why this is? Is it healthy for a relationship to go through fights? Is money too much of a god in your household when this is the case?

Some random things I was just wondering about as I drift off to sleep...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Make up your mind!

In today's culture we've been given many choices. We could eat Chinese, Swiss, Italian, Indian, American, or any variety of foods. They all sit at our fingertips. Our career choices are almost limitless. We have many options and choices. And, it's both a blessing and a curse. To a certain extent, I associate both the great amount of choices for a young man as a reason that they aren't growing up and getting to work. So, they go to college change their major six times and end up bumming off their parents till they're 28. It was different 120+ years ago. A son says to his dad, "Dad I don't want to farm." His dad replies, "Do you want to be a blacksmith then?" Son: "Not really." Dad: "Well then stop complaining and start farming." Sons did what their dad did and rarely went down a different career path. Yet, today we have all these choices. I don't necessarily see anything wrong with deciding on different careers and finding out that one career isn't worth it or they don't enjoy it. But, let's not let it be from a spirit of laziness and wanting everything given to us on a gold platter.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Humble Man

There once was a man who was the most humble of them all. He looked down on others from his lofty perch of ideas. He never sinned, and his life was perfect. That is, all except he was in the middle of a messy divorce and his anger issues were overwhelming him. But, he never sinned. It was always someone else's fault. His views on baptism, heaven, and head coverings were where he specialized. He was an expert. He knew what he was talking about in every area. He was never wrong and his life showed it. His wife was an idiot. His acquaintances were demons in disguise. His elders were fools. He read from the books of smart men. His life fell apart and he died in a ditch with alcohol on his breath. But, he was a humble man. The man who was never wrong or would admit it. At his funeral there were three. The minister, the gravedigger, and the casket maker.

Don't be a fool and follow after the ways of the smart men of today. Study the Word of God, listen to your elders, and read church history.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


As a human being, or more specifically a male, I find it hard at times to control the want to do stupid things. And, not just stupid things but stupid things a whole bunch of times. Otherwise known as video games. Life is a balance. God's given us many good things. And, in and of themselves most video games are not evil, nor is alcohol, or playing baseball, etc. But, then our minds become focused on these "good" things and become full of them and we become addicted and they become our god. It's like your dad giving you a new car for your birthday. Then, you forget all about your dad and you talk to the car, bow down to the car, and spend all your time with the car. And, you forget all about it being your dad who gave you the car in the first place. (That analogy kind of falls apart, but anyways..) So, worship God and thank God for the good things he's given you.

Tip of the day: Shoot for the moon, but s'riously don't miss because otherwise you're fried... <_<

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Wow, I don't post enough. But, I've been busy all week. :-(

Life is a balance. I.E. Finding time to update your blog instead of other not so useful things.

That's it.


10 more minutes of work, then bed... Then I have to get up at 6, yuck...

I mean fun. ^.^