Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Live with Hope

In a day and age where journalism is driven by the almighty dollar, we see a lot of depressing stuff. Depressing, sexual, and shocking stories drive page views; page views means more ads which means more money. So simple.

I've noticed the longer I keep my eyeballs focused on all these sites, they begin to affect me. A haze begins to crowd out the beauty and life all around me. It's like a drain is being installed in my bathtub of happiness and it lets it all out while replacing it with black water. Not cool.

God is good. People are naturally evil. I have a bit of experience with angry people. As long as you tell them things that make them happy and rub their tummies, all is good. But tell them they are a sinner and need to repent, boy you have released a demon. (In many ways, I think this is a good way you can tell a Christian from a non-Christian; how they respond to your pointing to their wicked hearts.)

But does a natural tendency towards evil in others need to cause us to lose hope? NO! Why?


That's about it.

When you read a horrifying news story, just remember.

This is why Christ came.

This is why blood was spilled on the cross.

This is how these wicked men who may have raped a woman, or murdered their grandfather will be released from this evil.

And that is why we live with hope, faith, and repentance.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Open Your Eyes

Seriously. Get it out of your life. I've been getting to see more and more how evil seeds planted in people's lives begin to turn them into the monsters that they are today. They let their sin grow and now they can no longer see right from wrong. They wander around blindly screaming at God.

I am thankful for the mercy God has had on me. Otherwise, that is who I would become.

Monday, September 9, 2013


The world will hate you if you love Christ. As humans we are naturally evil. Our thoughts turn towards evil. It is only because of the Spirit working in us that we aren't blaspheming God and rejecting His law, as well. Instead of cursing the darkness of this world, instead dwell in the beauty of Christ. Don't worry if they hate you because you love God and His laws. You're on the right side.