Saturday, November 19, 2016

People Hurt


Life is hard.

Life can hurt. A lot.

It hurts to watch others hurt.

It hurts to hear others hearts be broken.

It's hard to stomach the taste of a bitter world.

It hurts to smell the sulphur of selfishness.

Touch the hearts of the broken.

Love them.

Not you.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Every Small Thing

Every small victory of resistance to sin is the grace of Christ. Every small gift of a child's smile or a loving friend is a gift from the hand of God.

Do not forget that without Christ, our lives will always be consumed with trying to be fulfilled. We may strive for academic success, familial success, or financial success but we will never be fulfilled. Our lives will never be full until it is given up to Christ.

~ Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet you lack one thing: sell all that you have, and distribute unto the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. ~

Friday, November 13, 2015

Love More

Hey friends!

Just wanted to stop by to encourage you. Love more. Love Jesus more. Love your family more. Love your friends more. Love every human God puts in your life more. In a world driven by lust, power, fame, money, and the devil it is important for us to love.

Love is that which is beautiful. Love is sacrificial. Love is kind. Love is here to take care of others. Love is that which allows us to get spit on, beaten, and continually give up our lives for others because we care about their eternal souls.

Don't stop telling others about Jesus and His salvation, even if the world hates you for it.

Keep on loving my friends. ^_^

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Life is tough when your friends forsake you. Life is not fun when your family forsakes you. But when God forsakes you, pure hell is a good description of that feeling.

This last year was difficult. I didn't blog much, and the reason for that was I didn't feel like I had much to contribute. Whenever I sat down to write, I was angry at something, and whenever I'm angry, I write stuff down and then come back to it a couple days later. (Something I learned, that's very beneficial.) And trust me, it wasn't worth sharing.

I wandered around this last year. Doing a little of this, a little of that, and really trying to find myself. Who am I? What are my gifts?

I floated around spiritually. I went to church, I listened to a couple sermons throughout the week, but I did it more out of boredom, willpower, or a sheer sense of wanting to find this little perfect pill that would cure me of all that disgusting sin of mine that was threatening my comfort and happiness. But I didn't want to give up my precious sin.

Well, it was all wrong. I tried to drown myself in entertainment, and it never fulfills. I tried to drown myself in lust, and that never fulfills. I tried to drown myself in exercise, and that will never fulfill. I tried to drown myself in daydreams, and that will never ever, ever fulfill. And then I realized that what I'm missing in my life is the Spirit of God. And I began to cry out for the Spirit to come upon me. I cried that He would make me like Him.

And He answered my prayers.

And now I no longer feel forsaken.

I feel full.

Oh Lord, I believe. Help thou my unbelief. <-- My cry, until I die.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Seeing Beautiful Things

I've had 22 years to see the beautiful things God has made. I've gotten to see creative people do creative things. I've gotten to see birds flying to and from their nests preparing for winter. I've gotten to see old ruins of generations past. I've gotten to see little babies take their first steps and say their first words. I've gotten to do a ton of things.

I must say, I'm excited about every day God gives me to explore and see His beautiful creatures and places He's created. Here's to another day of exploring and learning. ^_^

Friday, March 7, 2014

Follow God; Quit Listening to Morons

Whenever you're hurting or don't know what to do, look to God's word and those who make an effort to understand and wash themselves in the Word. If you're listening to someone who is just bringing you down, giving you terrible advice, and doesn't give a rip about what God says, they're an idiot. Just move on.

"Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm." ~ Proverbs 13:20

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Deny Yourself

I'm a selfish person. Very selfish. This fact has been banging its cement self against my head quite often for the past six months or so.

And in many ways, I've tried to just not be selfish.

But it doesn't work.

I am slowly learning that you can't just not be selfish. You must go do something unselfish. You have to take your brain and say to yourself, well instead of being selfish I will go do something kind.

Then go do it.

And that does work.

You can't replace something with nothing.