Sunday, April 25, 2010


The Christian life is a long journey. We go through valleys and over mountains. We can feel discouraged and we can rejoice. And, you need dedication to keep going.

When things are a walk in the park, sure it's easy to keep going. When life feels like it's being handed to you on a golden platter that's when you feel like you can go for forever.

But, eventually everything becomes difficult. There's never a downhill without an uphill eventually. And at that point it takes dedication to get back up the hill.

I think that's one of the reason I enjoy running. Sure there are easy times when you run, but when you get to that 12th mile of 15, you start to feel the pain. Your muscles are getting sore and you're losing energy. But, you finish because you see the value in finishing and the feeling when you get through the tough times is incredible.

So, don't give up when things get tough because when you get through the tough times, there's a great feeling of satisfaction. At least imo.

*Sorry for the not posting, :-( I'll try to do better*

Saturday, April 17, 2010


When a child comes out of the womb they have no knowledge of what is acceptable in culture. They grow up being corrected and learning what's acceptable and right. They learn to keep their elbows off the table, what words not to use, and essentially what's appropriate in certain circumstances.
But, then we come to the teenage boy. He was taught good penmanship but now it's become sloppy. He was taught to have respect for elders, but now he no longer respects them, and he now no longer knows how to dress...
In the homeschool movement, specifically, it seems the young man is very proud. He's always been catered to by his mother and given lots of love from their parents, in general. He's lived an easy life and really hasn't had to make his own way in the world. And if there's one thing I've learned about proud men it's that they hate to listen to others.
Young men are fighters. They want to fight anything and everything they have a chance to fight against. Being a fighter is definitely a good thing, but the problem is that these young men are cutting off their brother's ears and chopping at their parents. Their immature humor and knowing how far to go with pranks and such is pretty standard. This combined with pride is a prime example of why they're so immature.
Then there are the other things that contribute to boy's lack of maturity. Of course there's pride on both sides. There's also an emphasis on not growing up. You want to be cool, so you don't want to work. You want to buy the best stuff and look good in the eyes of others. Basically the way of the fool is right in his own eyes and so he doesn't see that he needs to learn and act as a grave man.
Many men have trouble getting into deep conversations. It feels uncomfortable to talk about anything besides the weather and what the local sports teams. Why do we have to be so immature? Is there a reason for this? Possibly men's brains not fully maturing till they're 25, but that's kind of a lame excuse...
In Titus, the young men are exhorted to be sober minded. If there's one word to describe what most young men are not, in America, it would be the word sober minded. So how do we become more mature? It's kind of hard for me to answer that since I'm not the most mature person, but I have a couple thoughts.
Number one, they need to listen to older men. And, by listening I don't mean listening in the ordinary definition of the word. I mean taking what you hear and actually applying it in your life. These men older then you have been through a lot more and sure, maybe some of their advice is misleading but I think there can always be things you can learn.
The second reason I find to be intriguing is the thought that sometimes we focus on vision too much. Most men today have no vision so they don't go anywhere. And, we see that lack of vision. But, for young men who have been taught by those around them a great vision. Every time you talk to them it sounds like they're going to do great things. They have their vision written for the next 2,000 years. Yet, here they are struggling to get married, get off the couch, etc. Sometimes it seems we don't emphasis enough, in some of the circles I run in, the need for application. A vision is definitely very important and there isn't enough of it normally. But, when a young man is swamped with vision that is crippling his ability to grow now then it's a negative effect. So, we do need to focus on our lives here and now.
It's so easy to put things off till tomorrow that should be done today. And, that's how growing up and maturing works. If you're constantly putting it off to play your video games and make crude jokes then it will never happen. Your maturating has to happen today. And, I guess that's the point of all this. You need to make a change in your life to not be one of the 70% of 30 year old men that are not grown up.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Once a tadpole, always a tadpole

Two Christmases ago I bought my sister a present. I always liked the little creatures like hermit crabs, frogs, sea guppies. o_0 So, I decided to get her one of those grow your own frog kits. We sent in the form to receive the two tadpoles. And, waited anxiously for them. They arrived in the mail several months later. And, they were frozen to death... <_<

Anyways, we called them up and they sent us two more. And, we waited a couple more months and finally received them in the mail. Alive this time... Then, we anxiously waited for these little creatures to turn into frogs. A month went by and it seemed as if their tails were getting larger. It was exciting. But, then two months, three, six, eight months rolled by. One of the tadpoles died. And, now there's just one. Living forever as a tadpole.

Thinking through this, yesterday afternoon I couldn't help but think of how easy this is for us to be like this in our own lives. We find a comfortable place and then we stop metamorphosing. We start to get comfortable where we are and slowly become lukewarm.

It's very easy to become happy with the status quo. Especially if you live in a stable happy home.

But, God called us to dominion and to constantly be reforming and growing. If we stop growing, just like the tadpole we'll never reach our full potential and be stuck in a state of stunted growth. And, this is true in both physical and spiritual senses.

Growth and goals are important.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Building Walls

Communication: the activity of conveying information.

Such an easy word to say, yet so hard to do. We live all our lives with hidden thoughts. There are things we wish we could say, but we don't. And, it can be for a multitude of different reasons. It could be to avoid offending others, to boost our self esteem, to gain by not saying what we think, and so many more reasons.

Many lives and friendships are ruined because people don't know how to properly communicate with one another. The man who's full of himself and just isn't willing to ask forgiveness. The woman who is so bitter that her mind is full of hateful thoughts for another and never reveals or asks forgiveness. People who don't like to talk about problems and avoid them tend to kind of fall into this. Pride, anger, and bitterness make it very easy to close down the portals of communication.

Then, on the other hand there's the person who's happy to share everything. They know the local gossip and are happy to reveal it. They're harsh and cruel with their words, and they could really care less if it hurts someone or not. They really don't think about what they say. The world is an open book to them and they kind of just run over people with it. The term loose lips comes to mind...

Life is truly a balance of not falling into ditches. And, communication is so important. Marriages fall apart from lack of communication, family members never speak to each other because of bitterness, friends leave because of something said that offended them.

You have to be willing to forgive and forget. Jesus is the ultimate example of one who truly has forgiven. We took our savior hung him on a cross and killed him. He has forgiven us of much, much more then we deserve. So, can't we release our bitterness and anger towards others and forgive them?

So, tear down the walls in your life and do so with love and wisdom.

Tip of the day: Whatever you say should be done in a spirit of love for the other person. Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.

Friday, April 2, 2010


People are very finicky. And, it's become more so that way as our culture has become very selfish and individualistic. We want to listen to our own music, watch our own movies, go to our own vacations, etc. People in general don't like to sacrifice. (Unless they're looking to gain from you in the long run.)

So, we're a selfish and angry people. So, unity is so dissolved. It used to be that the churches were weak and could split up over stupid arguments. But, now it's gone even deeper and become families. 50% or so of people get divorced once in their lives. 41% of children are born without fathers.

As I walked through the airport earlier today I saw a lot of lonely people. People traveling alone. People traveling with friends. But, at their hearts they look lonely. They don't have truly good relationships. There's always that tension of whether your friend's going to stick by you or stick you in the back.

So, shouldn't we who are Christians be more unified? It saddens me when I hear husbands and wives yelling at each other when discussing their finances or their jobs, etc. It saddens me when children can be so selfish as to disregard their parents and hate them in their hearts.

At times I sit back and like to watch how people interact and how much of the time it seems as if they are fencing with one another, trying not to offend the other person.

I think it's easy to offend people in today's culture because most people are so selfish. All they care about is themselves and so everyone has to carefully walk by them trying not to offend them, in fear of being kicked out of their friend “circle.”

The reason for this post is because I just finished reading through 1 Corinthians and how Paul spends the entire essence of the book on the unity that church of Corinth is in need of.

We need to truly love God and love others.

1 Corinthians 13