Thursday, July 11, 2013

Are You a Dreamer?

As a child, I was a dreamer. Spent hours upon hours in my imagination. I really thought I could do anything or be anybody. But I've begun to learn that there is a huge gap between dreamer and visionary. Those who dream never get anywhere. Those who have vision get places. The difference is that the dreamer can't see the journey. He can't see the steps that need to be taken to arrive at his/her destination. He can see the end, but he doesn't see the dragon, the six henchmen, and the evil witch standing in his way. The dreamer will then dawdle toward his dream, but once he sees that first henchman he quickly turns around and runs back to his dreams. The visionary is different. He's the one who sees what he wants, plans out and asks others what the journey looks like, and then jumps off the metaphorical cliff. He fights through the battles of life, he pushes hard when he needs to, and he will eventually arrive at his destination.

So which are you? Are you made of the stuff that gets things done? Are you willing to go through a ton of misery and exhaustion in order to find and experience your dreams? I hope so. Lets turn from dreamers into visionaries. It won't be immediate, but it's worth it.


Anonymous said...

Over and over and over again, the visionary faces blocked roads, snowed in passes, illnesses and dark days, closed tunnels, wounds from those he thought were his friends, sudden turns of the road that lead him into dark and thorny thickets, from where he can almost no longer see the goal that spurs him on--but he never gives up--his faith never fails--his spirit may ebb at times, but his stubborn, persevering will does not. He does not give in to his imaginings, but faces reality with quiet confidence, for he knows that in Christ he can do all things--and that without Christ he can do nothing. The visionary knows his end, strides, walks, rides, or even crawls towards that which he loves. Yes, I agree, sir, visionaries get things done....

J D White said...

Great post, Daniel :)

And great comment, Savannah ;)