Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Internet Wars

One day, I sat browsing the web of the world.
A great naval battle in many ways.
The two sides flags unfurled;
And the guns were ablaze.

One side was led by a demon,
Flushed with pride and wrath,
Their mouths filled with the saltiness of seamen.
They screamed like they had no other path.

One could feel the contrast.
Pride and wrath for one.
The others commanded by another at the mast.
They were lead by the Son.

Full of glory he stood before them.
Hands pierced and blood flowing from the stripes on his back.
Leading in humility and grace none worthy to touch his hem.
The other side could do nothing but throw hopeless flack.


Veronica said...

Isn't that just life? :) I like it.