Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Do I Say?

Times have changed. Before the internet, much of the marketing was spent trying to appeal and change everyone. The venues to market were where everyone was. Radio and television were consumed by all, through the 4-5 channels they had.

But it's different today, in the age of the internet people are becoming more and more cliquish. Mass marketing doesn't really work. People only know how to interact with those who are like them. The term is referred to as: cyberbalkanization. We are becoming lazy, because we are allowing ourselves just to hang out with those we agree with.

Because of this, I feel that many people no longer know how to interact with those who disagree with them. Having the ability to turn off the internet browser, and ignore the other party who disagrees with ones opinion is creating people who no longer can disagree with others, in a reasonable fashion. Odd, I know. But it makes for an interesting time.

This brings to mind the question, what do we say to those who disagree with us? Should we spend time with them? Great question. Well, here's my opinion. Sure, spend some time with them. But don't allow them to run you over. I feel that Christians do this all the timeeeee. They go on the internet. They say something counter cultural. They have a troll show up. They then freak out and run away/change their opinion. 

Don't do this. Welcome to the internet. Some people are jerks. It's a fact. Share your opinion. Learn from others, who are wise souls.. Don't become one who is affected by cyberbalkanization. People will always disagree. Don't be proud with your opinion. But stick by your guns. Especially when you're just being attacked by an internet troll.