Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Do I Do This?

I think many times, when we sit down to a new job, or a new hobby, we wonder exactly how to get started. How do we do the best job possible? Then, we'll go find some books, or maybe watch a couple Youtube videos, and then get started. What I find interesting is that many of us do take the time to look at the books, but after the books it's still hard to getttt movvviiinggg. For instance, there are certain professions, such as sales where sure, you can get a few tips and tricks from the pros but it comes down to your ability to get past your fear. Your fear of men, your fear of being wrong, your fear of "looking stupid" are all fears that many of us may play with in our minds, from time to time. Yes, knowledge is extremely crucial, but we also need the courage and character to work out that knowledge in our daily lives. :-)