Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cut Out the Bad

Temptations are different for everyone. This is one of the reason a fundamentalistic legalism doesn't work. One thing may be sinful for one person and not for another person. When we put people into a box, such as Never Ever watch movies, we aren't able to understand how one person can be perfectly okay with watching movies, yet another person can't. Temptations are those things that grab us and lead us towards sin. Maybe watching movies is a temptation that leads you towards being lazy, or lustful, or wanting to escape reality, etc. But for the other guy, it's a good thing that helps him relax and enjoy God's earth more.

The point is, find what's bad in your life. Find where the temptations lie, and to the best of the ability cut them out.

Now that you have all this extra time, go fill that time with good things. Good books, memorization, godly fellowship, prayer, etc.

What you feed will grow. What you starve will die.