Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Helping Others

People need to understand one thing when they want to make money. Whether you're shooting for the steady paycheck, or the freelancers life, you must understand that you are here on this earth to take dominion and you are helping others take dominion.

Too many people want things handed to them. As children many of us were raised with the idea that we deserve things. We grow up being fed, clothed, housed, and loved, all for free. We were taught stuff in school, that our parents paid for. We went to college, which our parents again paid for. And then we wake up the day after school, with our diploma in hand and the first thought is, now who is going to hand me a job? And then the brutal reality of life hits us. No one is going to hand you a job. (Except the Federal government may hand you a food stamp card, tract housing, etc.... Which somebody else paid for, ugh.. But that's a different discussion.)

Ultimately, we must learn to help others. Our goal, in whatever business we are in is to provide value to others. If I told someone I would give them $100, and then they only have to give me $20 for that $100, they would do that all day long. In the same way, when looking to work and provide for one's own household, we do the same thing. Take a look at your skills and abilities, see where there is a need for that skill, and then go make a job for yourself. Go to a company and tell them that these are your skills, this is where they need help, and you can help them fulfill this need. Maybe even offer to do it for free at first, and then just take a cut of the profit you bring in. I don't understand people who are all about the money. Find something you love, and cut a job out of the rock for yourself. Stop putting yourself into a box..

As a Christian, this principle should be very easy to understand and work towards. We are put on this earth, and told to love and serve others. We can do this in business. If your goal is to help others become more successful, we will definitely find a place in the macro market to use our gifts and abilities God has given us.