Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Modesty for Women Because Guys Care

Modesty is such a hard issue. If you take a look at the online survey the Harris brothers ran, you can see there are quite different responses from guys in certain areas - It's not as if we can say one thing is modest and another isn't in some of these areas. Oftentimes it's where our heart is, and it's asking the question are we thinking critically about these areas.

However, ladies remember that guys are incredibly visual. When women dress immodestly it's difficult for a man, because ignoring it can be difficult or impossible. And we do appreciate when you dress modestly. In a culture where quite a bit of skin is constantly flashed in front of our eyes, it's actually refreshing to be around girls who you don't feel like you have to be constantly controlling your eyes and thoughts.. Desiring your wife is an amazing thing, but it's not an amazing thing when she is not your wife, that would be called sin. And I do appreciate it when girls try to dress modestly.

It always encourages me when I see women who take care that their appearance on the outside reflects the beauty within. Hence, while I do appreciate modesty I also really like when women express their personality in clothing. I absolutely hate seeing people who all dress the same as if they're all robots or crazed people from an asylum.

In conclusion, girls ask your dad and brothers (in Christ) what they think of your clothes. I hope that they would be willing to come to you if they saw issues, but sometimes you just have to ask.. And as kind of a personal pet peeve. Please don't just ask other girls/women. They're not guys, they won't necessarily see it in the same light.


Anonymous said...

" they have to be controlling your eyes and thoughts."

Absolutely. I love the way you cut to the chase.

Great stuff.

Jessie said...

Along the same lines, our pastor just this last Sunday made the comment that "Men set the standard of dress, not the women." Its crazy how much responsibility us girls have, and how lightly so many take it.

Gabriel Hudelson said...

I always appreciate a modestly-but-not-burlap-sackily-dressed girl who knows how to be attractive and well-put-together without being immodest.

Something that interests me, though, is what I don't hear discussed- and that is male modesty.

I think perhaps we should discuss that more. Guys may be more visually attracted- but that attraction is still there for girls. Where do we get the idea that our girls need to cover up their bodies, but guys can take their shirts off and show their sculpted abs to the world? Don't we have an extra-Biblical double standard going on here?