Saturday, July 7, 2012

Husbands That Don't Care and Leave

In my short life, there's one thing that has always saddened me. I see these homeschool families, their children are very involved in lots of events, the moms are running around doing things with them, and then you never ... see ... the ... dad. As a child I always wondered why this was. Well, you would see him occasionally on the outskirts of a large party, or at a graduation ceremony, etc. But he really wasn't involved.

Years pass, and then I eventually hear the inevitable, too often heard, story where the dad left. He left his wife and children, and went to live a miserable life serving himself. This problem really irks me. I hate uninvolved dads. They ruin their children's lives by not really being there, and then physically up and leaving.

But in reality, dad left years before. He was never there in the first place. He never conquered his lusts.

Dads are a very important part of a child's growing up process. (Moms are too, but that's not really the point, right now) They teach their children how to be men and women. They show their daughters what to look for in a man, as they lead by example. They show their sons how to act like men. Have you asked yourself why we have so many homosexuals? It's because of terrible fathers, who are either not there or they're abusive.

I do understand that our culture wants the men to look like little puppy dogs who the mom and kids walk all over. (I.e. Virtually all Disney shows) But God didn't make men this way. He gave them a desire to conquer.

But, too many men throw away their lives, and other people's lives in the hope of fulfilling their own fleshly lusts and desires. Men want to conquer, but sometimes all their conquering is reduced to is staring at flashing images on a screen with women who will do whatever they desire. They've become the miserable wretches that Disney/the world wants them to become.

Conquering is about conquering the flesh. It's about ignoring our own lustful desires for women, money, and power. It's about being a servant leader. Not a boy, who never grew up and has no reign over his flesh.

Sadly, we will fail. I've failed plenty of times at my young age. But thankfully God is good. And we will ultimately conquer with His help and the brothers that God has put in our lives to encourage/exhort/reprove.

In conclusion, I think one of the best things one can do at a young age, is to confess our sins and stay accountable to our friends. Living in darkness is what many of us do in our internet/techy age. Instead, we should expose our sins to the light, and pray that God will help us.