Friday, February 7, 2014

Life's Tough - Deal with It

Life is difficult. Always. You're always facing decisions. You're always going to have a hard time doing something. I don't care what it is. You are going to have a tough life. Here's the question. Are you going to quit? Or are you going to keep going?

Your career might be kicking your rear right now. Does that mean you're going to quit? Are you going to give up? Are you going to not try as hard? Maybe your marriage is on the rocks. Are you going to quit? Are you going to give up?

Guess what.

Life will just get harder and harder.

And some will give up. But the ones who win and the ones who make it to the end are the ones who stick their nose to the ground and just push through the hard times and Never Give Up. Eventually there will be good times. Maybe it's when you go to heaven. But there will be good times ahead. Put your eyes on the prize and run and don't be weary. Obey God. Read His Word.



Veronica said...

I like to remember that God promises never to allow us to be burdened beyond what we can bear; emphasis on CAN. So no matter what's going on, it is possible to endure. Sometimes you just have to push yourself beyond what you thought the limit was.

Really enjoy your blog, Daniel. :)

Daniel said...

Thanks Veronica. That's encouraging!

And thanks for coming back over and over. I really appreciate your comments. :D