Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hard hearts are normal. Sexual deviance is normal. Anger is normal. Men with no ambition is normal. Women with a proud look is normal.

But why?

Sin is filling a normal man's heart.

His heart is corrupt. He is out for himself.

Life is about him and only him.

And yet. Although this is normal, we hate it.

Nobody loves being lied to.

No one loves being stolen from.

No one loves someone screaming in anger.

Men were made perfect. And yet we fell.

Normal is full of filth. And a pride for our filth.

Christ came to this earth. And he has restored a normal man.

And made him special.

Special in His eyes.

And that which is normal is shown to be what it really is.

There is a new normal.

A beautiful normal.

One that is filled with peace. Joy. Humility.

And the greatest of these is love.