Monday, May 27, 2013

Destroying Life

Life is beautiful. Abortion, day-after pills, and anything that attempts to destroy a baby are horrid things. I got to spend the day with a bunch of people, and some of those people are little. They are still learning to talk, or how to catch a ball, or maybe even learning how to read. Each of these little souls are a beautiful thing and we need to see them this way. I'm sick and tired of people who spend all their time pursuing money, cars, guns, and in general material objects. These people may get married, but it's so they can lower their taxes, sleep together, and in general serve themselves like fat kings and queens on high altars.

Life is about others.

Life is not about you.

Christ called you to serve. If serving involves taking care of widows and orphans in Uganda, great! If it involves writing books to encourage others, great! If it involves raising children and discipling them, great! If it involves you getting home from a looonnngggg 8 hour workday and then proceeding to complain about your job, opening a beer, and lounging on the couch while drooling on yourself while watching the four episodes of the Bachelorette that you missed because you were gossiping with your friends, then that is terrible.

Take some time and evaluate. What is your life about? Is it about serving yourself, or serving others? Are you willing to destroy another human's life, so you can watch your tv show in peace? Whether that human life is twenty-five years old, or in the womb for twenty-five days?

I'm going to eat ice cream and consider this question now.. XP