Friday, October 19, 2012

So Much to Do

Lately, I get up and see so much to do. And yet I have so little time to do it. I'm starting to feel old. I know, old isn't exactly the word I should be using, but I look back at the last 21 years of my life and wonder what in the world I've been doing. I have skills in a few areas, because of the work I've done over the past 9-10 years, but why am I still standing where I am? I don't compare myself to others, because I've learned that's a recipe for disaster. But still. I could have done so much more if I had gotten serious about life 5-6 years ago.

I have this conversation with myself too often..

Daniel: "I've floated too much.. And why?!"

Conscience: "BECAUSE YOU'RE LAZY."

Daniel: ".....


What else?"

Conscience: "YOU HAVE LITTLE TO NO VISION... ^_^"

Daniel: "Anything else?"

Conscience: "You don't love God."

Daniel: "That's a serious problem..."

Conscience: "I'm glad you recognize that fact, now go do something about it."

And that's been the conversation my conscience and I have, way too often.

So I know you're asking the question, Daniel are you still sitting in this quite sad state?

Well, sometimes. But less often now than before. ^_^

A few things that have helped me are these:

Writing down plans with general action items. This is kind of my vision for the week, month, year. It's really something I do on a more weekly basis. I haven't really done monthly and yearly goals, except for a possibly long project.

Then, I move on to a daily task list. I've been trying to also add my fun activities as a to-do list item. I think I find that when I add them as a to-do, I enjoy actually doing a to-do list rather than constantly dreading working through it, day to day.

Work isn't always fun and easy. People tell you to do something you love, and I do get to do what I love, but at the same time, it's not always a picnic and party. There's a reason it's called work..

I read my Bible more consistently than six months ago, and study more good books. I'm really trying to replace my free reading fun books with more insightful books that are really building me up. I'm reading through Practical Religion by Ryle. Which I was actually going to read back in April, but yeah... I didn't.

Really, I could sum this all up in two words. Live purposefully. When we waste time, we always regret it. Those who are wise will live with purpose. Just because we're well taken care of in the sense of having a good job, a cozy house, and a beautiful family, doesn't mean we are to sit back on those accomplishments and chill. We'll regret that four hours we wasted every night watching the tele, when we could have been out starting a business or ministering to orphans or widows. I still waste a good amount of time, but I've become convicted of this and am working my way towards a more purposeful life, with the Lord's help. 

Good night. ^_^ Biking in 5 hours. o.0


Paul Leavitt said...

"Live Purposefully"
That really does sum it up!
I've been running into that myself lately, but I hadn't put a phrase to it, and that definitely helps. One thing is trying to decide how much time to spend on each book that I read. Right now I'm working through a web design book, my math, and Law and LIberty, but which do I spend the most time on? I'm figuring it out, and thinking about Living Purposefully does help!
God Bless you Brother!

Sadie said...

Ouch and thank you. That's what I needed to hear.