Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Some days I just don't feel like writing. Sometimes it's just that I don't want to blog so I mess around with story writing. But there are those days I'm just tired of writing. Communicating. But then it's a lack of communication. And then it all breaks down from there.. Sometimes you have to talk to your family in a loving manner even though you don't feel like it. Sometimes you have to communicate with clients when you're having a bad day.

How do you do it? Because I'm really bad at it... <_<


Tinuviel said...

Days like that I like to listen to others... If I'm too distant or feel grouchy or something I read my Bible or read/listen to a sermon. Then you *really* have no excuse to be acting that way :p And if God gives me the grace to see that, then I have to trust He will supply me with the grace to perform it--or at least confess to others that I am struggling that day. What's hard is actually communicating without coming off as unloving (since at that point it is hard to love).

Emily said...

Amen... Those are days when I feel like doing anything but listening and ranting to everybody about how "hard" my life is, but when I listen I find I'm far more blessed and encouraged and refreshed.