Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Live with Hope

In a day and age where journalism is driven by the almighty dollar, we see a lot of depressing stuff. Depressing, sexual, and shocking stories drive page views; page views means more ads which means more money. So simple.

I've noticed the longer I keep my eyeballs focused on all these sites, they begin to affect me. A haze begins to crowd out the beauty and life all around me. It's like a drain is being installed in my bathtub of happiness and it lets it all out while replacing it with black water. Not cool.

God is good. People are naturally evil. I have a bit of experience with angry people. As long as you tell them things that make them happy and rub their tummies, all is good. But tell them they are a sinner and need to repent, boy you have released a demon. (In many ways, I think this is a good way you can tell a Christian from a non-Christian; how they respond to your pointing to their wicked hearts.)

But does a natural tendency towards evil in others need to cause us to lose hope? NO! Why?


That's about it.

When you read a horrifying news story, just remember.

This is why Christ came.

This is why blood was spilled on the cross.

This is how these wicked men who may have raped a woman, or murdered their grandfather will be released from this evil.

And that is why we live with hope, faith, and repentance.